Good Lay Shae

It’s a beautiful morning and sexy Shae Summers was in a bit of a frisky mood so after she brought her man a morning cup of coffee she ‘accidentally’ let her top fall down and show off those big perfect breasts! Dropping to her knees she took his stiffening cock in her hands and licked and sucked him until he was rock hard, then laid back on the thick luxurious carpet and spread her legs to get a good hard fuck in this HD Love update entitled Good Lay Shae. This almond-eyed beauty has an incredible body and a lovely face and just loves sex in all its forms, so she’s a joy to watch!

Sweet Love

Auburn haired beauty Jayden was busy preparing a little snack in the kitchen when her guy wandered in but he was more interested in sampling Jayden’s own treats than the fruit she had cut up! He laid her out on the kitchen counter and stripped off her panties, licking and fingering her as he worked his way down her nice tight body. She got more and more turned on and soon they had to head out to the other room to continue their ‘discussion’! She straddled him on the reclining chair, sinking down onto his cock with that tight wet pussy and riding him nice and hard for this HD Love update entitled Sweet Love. Soon he was unleashing a nice creamy dessert all over Jayden’s face for her to enjoy!

Juicy Katerina

I am a tit man and Katerina Hartlova has some gorgeous titties does she not! Those tan lines on them are like the cherry on top I would think. She is such a petite girl you would expect her to be packing hit like that! The pictures in this HD Love video are almost worth a look just so you can see her boobies up close. The name of the scene is Juicy Katerina and I think you guys probably get why that is. The video starts off just as it should with Katerina on top of her real life boyfriend giving him a ride. There is nothing better then a big breasted woman like Katerina riding a dick because you get to see their big tits just going every which way. It adds a element of danger to sex because you never know if they’re just going to pop someone in the face or something LOL!

Amazing Megan

From the title of this HD Love update Megan Salinas might sound like a magician which isn’t actually too far from the truth! She’s definitely radiating some magic as she lounges on the couch, drawing the attention of her lover who comes over and starts running his hands over that incredible body of hers. She lays on her stomach to show off her thong-clad ass as she takes his cock out of his pants and gives a nice blowjob before getting her perfect tight pussy pounded nice and hard just how she likes, ending with a big creamy facial that leaves everyone satisfied.

Quality Assurance

It’s a little unclear why this update received the name Quality Assurance but maybe it’s because if you want to assure that you have a quality update, just get Chloe Amour on the scene and you’ve got it handled! She also has a quality ass, maybe that’s where it came from. Anyway, this HD Love update features Chloe stripping out of her swimsuit to go for a dip in the pool before heading inside, grabbing her guy pal and rocking his world with a hot blowjob and a good hard fuck on the bed!

Lovely Liona

Watch as Lovely Liona whips up a fresh glass of OJ for her man to give him some vitamins after his workout, but when he gets a look at her in that white leotard he’s got bigger and better plans! She grabs his cock as he kisses her passionately, already hard as a rock when she wraps her hand around his big meat and starts licking and sucking him in this HD Love update. This petite honey has to brace herself against his thighs as she lowers that pussy onto his cock, riding him nice and hard until he shoots a huge creamy load all over her tummy!

Lots of Love

There’s lots of Love involved here as Lily Love shows off her see-through lingerie on HD Love, coercing her man onto the bed as the afternoon sun shone brightly through the windows and made the bed curtains almost glow with an angelic halo! Lily looks phenomenal of course with those big breasts of hers and that famous round juicy booty working in full effect as she gave the guy the blowjob of his life and then rode his cock to ecstasy. Lily is bringing things back to basics…you can’t deny the appeal of a beautiful woman getting naked and making love. And there’s that word again!

Love Language

Do you speak the Love Language? Brunette powerhouse Rahyndee does, that’s for sure, as she serves up a sumptious fruit tray in her panties and bra to her lucky boyfriend in this HD Love update! He loves a taste of juicy fruit but loves getting his hands on her juicy booty even more so soon she’s completely nude, mounting his cock and riding him in reverse cowgirl position for this hot hardcore fuck session. That ass of hers is truly tremendous, but her big full breasts are certainly no slouch either!

Risky Bloom

The waiting list for sexy Satin Bloom as a massage therapist must be a mile long, if her treatment of this guy is any indicator of her normal working procedure! She has a gentle touch but what really gets the repeat business is the way she strips down naked, gets those big titties out and sucks dick like a champ. After giving this guy a great blowjob she proceeds to let him fuck that tight pussy as well as her ass…that’s right, massage followed by oral, vaginal and anal sex! To really drive the point home though at the end of this HD Love update entitled Risky Bloom she takes a nice big creamy facial cumshot.

Digital Love

If you don’t click on this picture to see this video from HD Love I literally think your brain is broken or something. This nice booty belongs to Whitney Westgate but that’s not even her best asset she has perfect full natural tits that are really just amazing. The name of this episode is Digital Love and it has some of the hottest pictures I have ever seen and that’s for real! I love the part where they’re out in the drive way and Whitney is riding him reverse cowgirl. I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did and make sure to show HD Love you like it to so that they will bring back Whitney for some more videos!